Agenda is preliminary and subject to change.

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020

4:00 PM
Introduction and Executive Welcome

Meet ACI's new President and CEO, Odilon Almeida, and hear how ACI is working with customers like you to adapt and excel during these unprecedented times. 

4:05 PM
ACI's 2021 vision for India; The India growth story.
4:20 PM
Panel: Managing Payments Innovation & Scale in a post COVID world

Key discussion topics:

  • The impact of the COVID pandemic and how banks are reframing their strategies to bounce back and get back to strong growth 
  • How Innovation has become inevitable in the digital payment world and what are banks and FIs doing to transform their end consumer experience 
  • How equipped are banks and FIs to manage the exponential growth in scale, without compromising on continuous innovation or monetisation
5:00 PM
Panel: The growing relevance of Cloud Infrastructure for Banks & FIs

Key discussion topics:

Whether it is establishing new business processes or review existing ones:  

  • Is cloud more relevant to your infrastructure consideration than say 12-18 months ago?
  • What are the critical factors considered when moving ahead on your cloud strategy 
  • Do latency and security myths still cloud the decision making process of moving to the cloud 
  • Accelerating the pace of moving to a safe, secure cloud journey (public vs private cloud considerations) 
5:35 PM
Panel: Omni-Channel Payments

Key discussion topics:

  • How an Omni-channel payments hub can help businesses seamlessly manage various customer channels and form factors 
  • How it will help innovate faster and go-to-market with differentiated value  
  • What it takes to help improve business users and end customer experience 
  • How is the industry gearing up to drive this, both in terms of technology innovation and infrastructure
6:10 PM
Closing Remarks