About the PRM Pacific User Group

The PRM Pacific User Group runs annual conferences offering focused programs encompassing many facets of payments fraud and financial crime benefiting management, marketing, operations and technical support personnel.

What to Expect 

Designed with you in mind -- sessions take place in the middle of the day so you still have time to handle your day-to-day work before and after. Join us for jam-packed general sessions and fast-paced breakout sessions to get you the information you need without taking up all of your time. Topics include:

  • Industry fraud trends
  • Expert panels
  • PRM roadmap
  • Interactive learning and fraud gamification
  • Database optimisation
  • Fraud analytics and rule writing
  • AMG challenges and successes
  • AI 2.0 - Network intelligence
  • eWallet and mobile provisioning


Please contact: mbox-aci-events@aciworldwide.com