NEW Book Meetings via Your Event Registration

Book meetings during breakfast, lunch, break or post-session free time.
  • Meetings cannot be scheduled during general or breakout sessions as everyone must attend scheduled programming.
  • Private rooms or a spot in our communal meeting spaces are available to select.
  • Review the steps below.
  • Need help scheduling a meeting? Contact Dana Stochl.

Steps to Book

1. Login to the event registration using your ACI email address and the password you selected during registration
2. Search for the first attendee by name or job title, then click "Request Meeting"
3. Click "Add Participant" and search for the next attendee; repeat until you have added all attendees
4. Select meeting type, date and time slot

  • "Meet-Up"s are available in 10-minute increments and are available during breaks, meals or free time; these are meant for quick touchbases.
  • "Meeting"s are available in 30-minute increments and are available during meals and free time; these are longer meetings.
  • If a time is not listed in the dropdown, then one or more attendee you selected is not available at that time.

5. Give your meeting a name and description
6. Select a location from the dropdown; check out the hotel maps in the event mobile app to help locate meeting rooms

  • Meetings booked during breakfast and lunch in Buffet Madrid will have reserved tables; however, meetings booked in communal spaces will not. There is plenty of seating available in these areas.

7. Click "Submit"

Email invites will go to all listed attendees, who can then accept or decline your meeting request. You will receive an automated email with their response. A link will be provided in this email to add the meeting or meet-up to your Outlook calendars. Meetings will not appear in your 'My Selections' section of the mobile app. 

If you need help cancelling or modifying a meeting after you set it up, contact Dana Stochl

GSKO 2020 Attendees

Full NameJob TitleRequest Meeting Button
Thijs AansorghCGRequest Meeting
Ben AbbassiSr Account ExecutiveRequest Meeting
Shadi AbboudDir Solution ConsultingRequest Meeting
John AcquavivaSr Channel Partner ManagerRequest Meeting
Matt AddisonVP AOD Strategic ProgramsRequest Meeting
Heather AdlerDirector of Global PartnershipsRequest Meeting
Miguel-Angel AlbaladejoPrincipal Solution ConsultantRequest Meeting
Pamela AlbertSr Inside Account ManagerRequest Meeting
Stacey AlexanderPrincipal Solution ConsultantRequest Meeting
Ben AlissiClient Service DirectorRequest Meeting
Nathan AllisonCGRequest Meeting
Ferry AlonsCG CrewRequest Meeting
Lofton Alvarez(not set)Request Meeting
Himanshu AmberkarPrincipal Solution ConsultantRequest Meeting
Philippe AmeilPrincipal New Business DeveloperRequest Meeting
Mohamed AmirSolution ConsultantRequest Meeting
Chris AndrewsSr New Business DeveloperRequest Meeting
Alessandra AngrisaniSr Account ExecutiveRequest Meeting
Daniel AnniukPrincipal Solution ConsultantRequest Meeting
Thierry AntoninDir Solution ConsultingRequest Meeting